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Schwarzenau, Waldviertel, Austria

  • €7,500,000
  • 7 Bedrooms
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  • 0 Bathrooms

Castle of Schwarzenau

Property Features

  • Plot area:283,280 sqm
  • Built area: 1,394 sqm


Located about 50 miles from Vienna, near the border of the Czech Republic, Austria's famous Waldviertel district has been a favourite destination for day-trippers and local holidaymakers for generations. Now one of the area's most famous landmarks, the Renaissance-era Castle of Schwarzenau, has come up for sale, and RE/MAX England & Wales is proud to offer this unique gem to the market.

The oldest part of the castle is a tower erected in the 12th century, which was expanded in the 14th century to a four-tower square structure with a moat. The castle was rebuilt in the Renaissance style from 1580 to 1592. Some of the noted stucco artwork on the first and second floors, and the castle chapel, date to this period, while the rest was created in the 1730s, or late Baroque era. The ceilings of the three main rooms on the first floor are decorated with stucco reliefs illustrating the elements of earth, air, fire and water. The 18th-century owner of the castle, Count Franz Adam Count Franz Adam of Polheim, had the chapel decorated with a cycle of the 12 apostles in life-sized pairs in niches on the wall.

Though the marble and stucco chapel is the showpiece of the castle, it is also a functioning church: it was reopened for christenings and weddings by the bishop of Lower Austria in 1993. From 1985 to 1993, the current owner restored and renovated the castle, adding everything from warm-water heating to fax connections. It was opened to the public in 1990, hosting a number of popular events and exhibitions.

Over 70 acres of parkland, featuring numerous outbuildings, cosy pavilions and farm buildings surround the main residence. Imposing statues and numerous fountains provide the well-trimmed landscaped gardens with a stately ambiance, whilst the exclusive restaurant, tavern and bar bring you back into the modern day.

With nearly 15,000 square feet, the castle has five bedrooms in the guest wing as well as two master bedrooms on the first floor. In addition to staff quarters and rooms for large parties or events, the castle also has its own tavern, coffee shop and nuclear bomb shelter. The home's furniture and antiques, which number over 1,000 individual pieces are included in the sale price.


Waldviertel – Pure & Unspoiled
The Waldviertel district in the north of Lower Austria is a land of unique Northern purity, interwoven with the charm of an outgoing, Southern mentality: An outstanding duality. The land and its people offer products, services and attractions that are unparalleled in their quality and kind. In the Waldviertel—high up, in the north of Lower Austria—the world is made up of a kaleidoscope of attractions for visitors, including nature experiences, health retreats, sports activities, local taste and culture.

The hallmark of the Waldviertel is nature in all its facets; the fresh Nordic climate, the gentle hills, the luscious green meadows, the dark forests, the more than 1,000 sparkling clear lakes and ponds, the enormous “moveable” boulders and the idyllic upland moors have all contributed to making the Waldviertel famous for its unspoiled countryside.

The Waldviertel delights culture enthusiasts and art lovers in equal measure. A wide array of cultural events and a wealth of historical monuments and sites make sure of that.Open the curtains and clear the stage: The Waldviertel is rich in natural treasures but also in art and culture. Fortresses steeped in history, splendid castles, art-loving monasteries – be prepared to marvel at the historical monuments in the region. Speaking of art-loving: Numerous galleries and museums inspire fine-art lovers with alternating exhibitions and tours. Concerts, plays and films harmoniously round out the diverse program.

You feast your eyes on seas of red-violet-white poppy blossoms, lush green hop bines, shimmering white potato fields and luminous yellow damson plum trees, but all this is just an inkling of the diversity of culinary delights the Waldviertel has to offer. Masters of food preparation and virtuosos in local kitchens take these and countless other regional ingredients and magically transform them into culinary creations second to none. So, any visit to the Waldviertel inevitably becomes a journey through unknown culinary territory full of unique tasting experiences.

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